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The academic staff, administrative staff and students of our university are the natural members of our library. The academic staff of the universities that have signed a protocol with the university and the staff of the institutions that have signed a protocol can apply to our library with the documents they will receive from the library of the university / institution they are affiliated to. Users who want to use the library with the protocol should also complete the Library Membership Form.

Protocol renewal is required twice a year for the users of the contracted institutions. These transactions are repeated by users in certain months of each year as part of the protocol with universities / institutions. Users cannot use the library services without renewing the necessary protocol renewal for membership

Users who are members of ASBU Library are provided with a Library Member Card. Library members can benefit from the library services with this card. In case the member card is lost, our members must give information to the phone number 0312 596 46 10 or to the e-mail address. The library member card is not transferable and cannot be used on behalf of another person. Users who do not perform the protocol renewal will be disabled until the next renewal.

Responsible Staff

Engin ÜNAL                                                       

Phone Number: 0312 596 46 12

e-mail :