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•    Electronic journals, books, data base and other digital products which are subscribed and accessible by our university are protected via national and international license agreements.
•    Copyrights in Turkey are protected with the Law No.5846 on Intellectual and artistic Works. Copyright Law restricts the use of works with copyright for the ones other than the owners. 
Copying or reproducing without permission means denying the rights of the ones holding the copyright or the beneficiaries.
•    The use of electronic resources are bound to specific rules with licence agreements. The following conditions constitute the ground for the licence agreements. These conditions may differ depending on the publisher and the electronic product.
•    The electronic resources, data base are not allowed to be shared via e-mail or in print with those who are not ASBU staff.
•    Materials from electronic resources can not be shared on web sites accessed by everybody or can not be sent to online system.
•    Property right of the publishings belong totally to the dealer and the producing company. Systematic download by using third part softwares like Getright, Flashget, Internet Download Manager is not allowed.
•    Information like “User name and password” can not be uploaded on a web, distributed or shared with others.
•    ASBU staff and students are obliged to abide by the laws in any activity or process regarding the rights for intellectual property and copyright and conform to the principles specified in the policy of the university, general academic ethics and principles. All the responsibility for
the use of electronic resources belongs to the user or users of the specified material. Users accept and promise to use the licensed electronic resources as stated in the clauses of the agreement.