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Access address:

Use: It is used in order to check the assignments and thesis of the students and to prevent plagiarism and inappropriate citation. Only lecturers are provided with accounts for this program. 

Instructions manual:

Click for the manual for the lecturers.

Note: Please do remember to click "no storage" from "optional settings" In the "Homework Settings" section. Otherwise, the matching document cannot be deleted. Also, documents should not be scanned more than once.



Access address:

Use: It is used to determine plagiarism in academic papers. Academics with a doctoral degree and higher academic degree have a right of use.

In accordance with the license agreement, student homework, projects and theses should not be controlled through the iThenticate system.

*** Only personal articles are scanned through the system. When an external document is scanned, the user's account will be suspended for a certain period of time or a one-year right of use will be canceled. 


Instructions manual:  Click for the instructions manual. 


Information required for membership: Department, name-surname, title, extension number and institutional mail adress.


Person in charge of Plagiarism